Intrauterine Connection

On 23rd September, spring of 2011, Luca Masó was born. Seven months earlier, after being lost from the womb, the baby had suddenly reappeared a few days later. On the same day of the loss, the painting of the artwork “Intrauterine Connection”, which has Gustavo Cerati as a model of a child in gestation, was started. The painting symbolises birth, and it is about the distance between sadness and hope.  

It was through this artwork that the first epistolary contact between Pope Francis and Gustavo Masó took place. Mrs. Lillian Clarke de Cerati, mother of the Argentinean musician Gustavo Cerati, who was hospitalised at that time due to a stroke, intervened in the artwork with a narrative that recalls the time when she was pregnant with her son. 

The multimedia artwork comprises a triptych consisting of an oil painting and two drawings, a letter from the Supreme Pontiff, two writings by Ms. Clarke, an aluminum and glass plate that acts as a viewfinder, and a video.


It presents an exact outline of Luca’s brain formation, and contains within it a hidden message, a never-revealed wish written by Lillian.


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